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Services Provided

What services are included once we invest with Daytron Management?

Daytron Management Group, LLC - provides a peace-of-mind investment system with NO physical or administrative involvement from the investors. Everything regarding your investment property, finances, maintenance, management, servicing, property taxes and all other requirements are cared for by Daytron Management.

From start to finish our Company provides a quality, rentable investment unit with a high profit return. Property selection, interior & exterior design, construction, management and permit processes are all handled by us. Your role is to decide to which investment to purchase and allow the Daytron Management Group investment process to take its course.

Here is the Daytron Management Group extended list of services provided to our exclusive investor portfolio.

• Investment property selection • Construction and renovation services
• Property management • Tax & Accounting Services
• Legal representation in the United States for property related matters • Assistance with Employer Identification Numbers and ITIN's
• And a professional dependable company representing your
   best interest here in the U.S
• Exclusive Specialist that handles your account in person and    available to you by schedule.
• Preferred notices of great investment opportunities. • Electronic ROI payments.

Investment Property Selection - Our team researches and locates viable investment properties to compliment our investor needs and portfolio. Every investment property is measured on a scale of continued ROI and appreciating potential. ROI is the first main factor to qualify, if it makes our investors a decent return we move to step two.

Property Management – Professional reliable and efficient property management is the key to a good tenant management relationship. That relationship translates into solid ROI and a great investment experience. Most importantly a hands-off-approach to handling any needs our investors may have regarding the property. Tenant relations, rental (letting) collections, contact and communications, screenings, payments and deposits, everything regarding your properties management is covered by the Daytron Management division.

Construction and Renovations Services – Our team has constructed and developed numerous investment properties. Energy efficient designs complimented by maintenance free concepts and quality workmanship all make your investment property the best choice for absent owners and investors. Licensed and insured with great experience on what the tenant is looking for and what meets the owners needs are all part of our construction and design service. Best of all, you receive a finished product with no assistance or requirements on your end. Our construction service is automatic and systemic but provides a unique feel at completion of every property.

Tax and Accounting Services – Upon receiving each ROI payment investors have assurance that all their U.S tax matters and payments for the property have been serviced. The ROI you receive is NET “All Profit”. Daytron makes sure that taxes, items due are all covered before you receive your payment. You will not be asked to ever make a payment after your initial investment is made. If you wish to add to your tax services you can, just inquire with us on what additional services may be available to you.

Legal representation in the U.S - Daytron Management Group represents your investment in legal matters pertaining to the tenant and any money collections due. Since you will have the ROI guarantee your monthly payments are guaranteed. You will have the basic legal representation required to properly service your unit. Our legal services are exclusive and at no cost to the investors. Any additional legal services can be added to your package based on availability and cost if required.

MY Exclusive Daytron Specialist – There is a Daytron Management Group specialist assigned to each investor or investment institution. This specialist knows and understands your investment intimately and services it as if it were their own. A relationship between the investor and our specialist is integral and is what we consider our key service. Our investment specialist has your best interest in mind and your comfort and peace of mind and assurance of your ROI is our main focus and primary goal. It’s comparative to have your best person on the job, because we are the best company for the job.

Assistance with Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) – at the time of your investment purchase you will also receive your ITIN number. All filing costs and fees are already included in your investment agreement. Your job is to provide us with the proper information required and our legal experts will handle the processing and servicing of your matter.

Electronic Payments for ROI – your ROI payment is sent to you via check or electronic funds. Provide us with the proper wiring instructions and your payments flow in automatically.

Preferred Notice of Great Investments – As your relationship develops with our specialist you will have access to investment opportunities as they arise. We offer our existing investors 24 hours advance notice to investments deals prior to making them public. This gives you an immense advantage over the masses or non-existing new investors looking to get involved.


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