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Investment Strategy

Why does Daytron Management consider New Jersey and Pennsylvania to be the best investments for my money?

Daytron Management Group systematically creates cash-flow investment properties which our investors can select. Rental Income is integral to the success of the investment product. In order to obtain stable rental income a city must have a vibrant workforce. Our Company has selected New Jersey and Pennsylvania for its continued efforts and successes in developing, maintaining and growing its workforce and industries. This continued positive path makes these states an attractive place to live and draws in new occupants looking to relocate to stronger economic growth areas. Industries such as medical specialists, technical engineers, sales professionals, corporate entities, construction, home development, travel & tourism, service professionals along with manufacturers and small businesses are thriving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These strong industries have contributed to the state's job growth and lowered unemployment rate.

Cost of living is another major factor Americans choose New Jersey and Pennsylvania as their new home. For example New York City and Washington DC have up to a 22% increase of living which has prompted people to look for more affordable areas to move and raise their families. New Jersey, and more so Pennsylvania maintain a reasonable cost of living while improving its quality of life standards and infrastructures. This has increased the rental market by bringing in market renters to our areas of investments. Both states have a larger size/depths of properties and increased neighborhood development taking place on many fronts.

Moving and living in New Jersey and Pennsylvania is great for tenants who receive more living space, lower rents while still living in comfort. Here’s an extra advantage. The lower rents paid by the tenants are still high rental income for the investor compared to the investors cost to invest with our Company. What the tenant considers to be below or fair housing cost is still a very profitable rate on return for our investors. This creates a win-win scenario.

Benefits the Investor / Owner

Benefits the Renter / Who Pays Your ROI

Low Purchase Price, $40,000-$80,000 per unit = upwards of 14% ROI & a deed for your investment.

Newly renovated rental units for a price they are comfortable with and still profitable for the investor

High percentage of renters at 36.7%

Our portfolio allows tenants to upgrade to our larger units once qualified

Government programs to pay your tenants rent and assure your ROI on a monthly basis

The guaranteed monthly rental payment makes life easier for all tenants who qualify.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are major states with positive job growth, major companies and businesses investing in their infrastructure. Both states have a low cost of property purchase, profitable rental income and with a reputable company, Daytron Management Group, providing all the services to operate your investment while producing a solid continuous rate of return. This is why New Jersey and Pennsylvania is the choice for our Company and that is why it should be your first choice when entering the United States Real Estate world.


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