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Daytron Management Group, LLC is a full service real estate property investment company consistently creating extraordinary investment value, and dividends exceeding investor expectations. Daytron Management Group primary business is in acquisition, development, redevelopment and management of strategically located apartment building complexes, retail store fronts and strip malls, office & medical buildings, as well as multi-level parking garages. Our corporate objective is to provide unsurpassed service to our clients, residents, and merchants.

Daytron Management Group is extremely disciplined in its approach towards new acquisitions. We carefully scrutinize each opportunity to maximize its return on investment. Our investment program offers investors a high monthly rate of return. We manage all of our own property acquisitions keeping them well-maintained and attractive, with the highest occupancy rates in the industry, thereby ensuring the long term success, viability and longevity of each investment and our portfolio as a whole. Our reputation with our investors is at stake each time we take ownership of a property. We put our money where our mouth is by purchasing joint ownership with our investors. While most Management companies go in with minimal investment, if any, Our owners go in with a minimum 60% vested interest in each property that we acquire and manage. Our majority vested interest guarantees investors a proactive, diligent, and intense attention to detail that each investment requires, with an eye toward unparalleled service and quality.


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